Did You Know About the Dark and Light Themes?

While developing React Structures we have added a lot of useful little features that make your modeling easier. In this series of posts, we will be presenting some of them. Let’s start with the light and dark theme.

You can choose between two themes for React Structures Tech Preview 1: the Dark theme with a dark gray background,

DarkThemeor the Light theme with a light gray background.

LightThemeThe default theme for the user interface is the Dark theme. If you feel more comfortable with a light background color, you can change the theme at the bottom left of the status bar.

SwitchingBetweenThemesHead over to React forums and let us know what you think about color themes!

Welcome to Autodesk React Structures

On behalf of the Autodesk React Structures team I am pleased to provide you with our first of many Technical Previews of our next generation structural analysis platform.  I am the Senior Product Line Manager here at Autodesk responsible for our AEC focused simulation and analysis solutions, and I  am very excited to make this available to you, and want to ask you to help us build the best structural analysis tool to meet your design and engineering needs.

So we want to give you some insight as to what spawned this project, where we are currently, and where we want it to go, with your help.

React Structures came to be by way of customer feedback. 

We heard from many of our customers that they were ready for a new, modern, purpose-built analysis platform.  They are getting tired of the tools they have been using and didn’t feel that they were continuing to meet their needs.  They liked the capabilities of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional, but wanted something more tightly integrated with the rest of the Autodesk portfolio. They also needed a solution that was easy to learn and easy to use.  We took a good hard look at the technologies we had, the needs and feedback of our customers, and the feedback from a lot of potential customers.  We started to reimagine the workflows that engineers need to complete to design their projects, and we started to look at what a modern analysis tool should provide and how it should behave. 

Building on the proven and trusted foundation of Robot Structural Analysis Professional, which is used by tens of thousands of engineers on countless projects around the globe, we started to rebuild our analysis platform.  We are excited to share the first results, which you can download and try today.

Autodesk React Structures Analysis Software

Why are we doing this now? 

We want and need your feedback.  This is an early look into what we are building.  It is by no means complete and you will see things that are not enabled or maybe even missing.  Rest assured, they will be coming. We will be providing frequent updates which will expose new functionality and features, incorporate your feedback, and fix issues that you identify.  We will be asking for your opinions on the things we are working on, and we might even ask you to test out a workflow or two and give us some feedback on how it went for you.  This is the opportunity to tell us what you need from your next analysis tool.  Great customer feedback is one of the most important building blocks for a great software product. 

So we would like to invite you to download this Technology Preview, have a look at what has been built, tell us what you think and what you need next, and tell us where you want this product to go

 We hope you like what we have started to build and look forward to working with you in the forums!

 The Autodesk React Structures Team