TP3 is Now Available

It’s that time again, our newest release, React Structures TP3, is now available for you! We have some great new features for you to discover and provide feedback.

Some things for you to know:

You will need to uninstall TP1 or TP2 prior to installation of TP3.  This can be easily accomplished by navigating to the Windows Control Panel and selecting React Structures for removal.

Uninstall TP1 firstOnce this step is complete you can install TP3.

Now that this is out of the way, on to the exciting stuff!

Results Tables

Starting with TP3, analysis results can be now inspected in table views. This release exposes displacements, deflections, forces, stresses, reactions as well as shell and plate results. Each table contains multiple sheets of data, including results itself, envelopes and global extremes. You can export the content of any table to excel via csv (comma separated) file.  Make sure you let us know in the forums how these tables work for you and if they meet your needs.


Dynamic input locking

A great new feature available allows you to type in a coordinate by hand, and it becomes locked until you place the element. Delete the coordinate to remove the lock. A small padlock icon indicates that the coordinate has been locked during the operation.


Deformations improvements

TP3 contains deformation visualization enhancements including more accurate mapping and a new feature:

  • – Improved (more detailed) visualization of deformed shape of members
  • – Possibility to display undeformed shape of a structure in a background

React Structures TP3 is accompanied with the release of updated Dynamo package, v 0.2.3 that contains several enhancements:

Dynamo: New Self-Weight node

  • A new, dedicated node to represent React Structures self-weight. With this node, it is now possible to retrieve results for this load case in Dynamo context.
  • Two new Dynamo example scripts

  • Two additional example scripts have been added.  The example scripts can be found at :
  • C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\0.9\packages\Structural Analysis for Dynamo\extra
  • The first one shows how to create a simple 2D steel frame and second one shows how to create a concrete reservoir which you can then analyze:

Dynamo: Improvements to the analytical nodes merge mechanism.

When the distances between 2 analytical nodes is lower than 2 mm, nodes are merged and will be represented by a single node in React Structures.

  • Dynamo: Remove the need of the flatten node between the list of analytical elements and calculation node

  • The flatten step is now performed inside the calculate node:
  • flatten

Please give this release a try, and make sure you give us your feedback in the Forums or through the feedback email address that is available.


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