Manage Structural Attributes in Your Model

After you have sketched your model elements, you can assign structural attributes to the model. In React Structures Tech Preview 2 four types of attributes are available: supports, sections, releases and thicknesses.

AttributesSome attributes, such as sections for linear elements, and thickness, for surface elements, are assigned when sketching these elements.

Default Values

The default values are assigned then and you can edit their properties or assign new attributes afterwards.

In one of my previous posts I covered how to assign and work with supports. The process of the assignment of the other types of attributes is pretty much the same.

While you have been working with your model you add more and more specific attributes of a particular type to the project, making the list of the available attributes in a project longer. In the meantime making some changes in your model may result in having some attributes available on the active list but not used in the model. As a result of this you may end up with a very long list of attributes. It makes the list of your attributes not clear and messy.

Long List of AttributesFortunately, there is an extremely useful tool for your convenience to help you better manage your lists of attributes. This tool keeps your lists of attributes better organized and make you more productive while working with lists of any type.

I would like to introduce the Attributes Manager. From this dialog you have a quick review of all lists active attributes in the Project.

Attributes Manager

There are two ways to access this manager. When you click an attribute tool for example Supports or Sections, in the bottom right corner of the contextual ribbon panel, click the arrow icon.

Arrow Icon

You can also open the Attributes Manager dialog by clicking links with attribute names in the Property pane.

Property Pane

By default, the active attribute is selected. Using this combo box you can filter the list of attributes.

Filter the List of Attributes

The “Info” column is available for some attributes. For sections, it displays information about the material type.

The “In Use” column contains information if an attribute with a given label is used in a project. If it is, the “checkmark” icon displays in the label row.

You can quickly sort this column, and then using multi row selection delete all that are not used (not-needed) attributes in your project.

Delete Not Used

Attributes Manager is a convenient tool to access lists of all attribute labels and to manage them quickly and efficiently improving your productivity.

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