React Structures TP 2 coming soon!

The React team is busy putting the finishing touches on our next release, which we plan to make available for you in the next week or so.   I wanted to take a moment to tell you what we have coming, and hopefully you will be as excited as we are to work with the next iteration of this project.

There are a number of enhancements coming.  Many of them we had planned, but we also took the feedback you submitted either through the Forum or by using the React feedback email and addressed a number your suggestions.


One piece of feedback we heard from you is how important it is to get screen captures of the model into the documentation that you prepare or messages that you share with other members of the project team.  We have some plans to address screen capture needs more fully down the line, but we wanted to provide you with an easy to use option now to get “document ready” screen captures into your workflow.  Many users said that while a gradient or colored background was useful during modeling, they would like to have a completely white background when taking a screen capture.  To that end we have introduced a white theme that is easily accessible from the theme menu in the lower left hand corner of the application.  You can now quickly and easily switch the background to white to make those important screen capture work with your document needs.

White Theme
White theme


Another area of feedback that was requested was the ability to take the properties window and have the ability to relocate it on the screen.  You will now have a relocatable and dockable properties window that you can control the placement of on the screen.

Dockable properties
Dockable Properties

Other User Requests

We have also addressed issues that users leveraging high definition/4K displays were experiencing.  If you are using these displays, please let us know if we have addressed you concerns when you experience the next release.

Many of you asked for the ability to change the units to something other than Imperial.  Based on your feedback we accelerated this in our roadmap, so you will now have access to other unit systems.

Dynamic Input

One of the items that I am most excited for you to experience is the ability to use Dynamic Input controls when placing structural elements.  These new controls will give you precise input to the location and alignment of elements within the model.  We have also created the ability for you to control the use of this feature, enabling a user to switch it on or off as needed.  This not only works in plan view, but will also give you control of operations in the 3D view of your model.

Dynamic Input Controls
Dynamic input

Dynamo Visual Programing Support

I am also really excited to let you know that React Structures Tech Preview 2 will ship with the Dynamo visual programing environment, which will be accessible right from the Model command ribbon pane.  This is great news for React users, as you will now be able to leverage the power and control of describing structures with an easy to build Dynamo script  directly from within the React environment.  We are really excited to see how you leverage this capability, and are looking forward to your feedback.  It is important to remember that while Dynamo can enable the ability to create some very complicated structures, it can also be used to quickly create simple geometry and build relationships between those elements.  With Dynamo, you now have some easy to use tools to create parametric structural analysis models directly in React.

Dynamo in React
Dynamo 1

Dynamo 2

We also have a lot more coming in this release for you to discover, so be on the lookout for React Structures Tech Preview 2 soon.   And as always, please continue to give us your feedback in the Forums or through the feedback email address that is available.

Also keep an eye on this blog to see some additional information on how to make the most of some of these great new enhancements.

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